Massage in Julian

Massage is wonderful typically wherever it may be received. However being the recipient of a massage among the exotic stellar jays, roaming deer, wild turkeys and the majestic views offered by this natural Pine Forest is something very special indeed.

Massage by the Fire is located in a quiet and serene pine forest just 7 mins outside of Julian, California in an area called Pine Hills. We are located a relaxing 10 minute walk from the Pine Hills Lodge which has live music weekend evenings, Sunday brunch and more fabulous views.

Our massage therapists are professionally trained at IPSB (The International Professional School of Bodywork) in San Diego, CA.

Sessions are available by appointment, so please book ahead.

To schedule a massage book online, call (760) 260-5050 or email



Recent Testimonials

REVIEW: “I was incredibly relaxed…” (1/18/13)

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REVIEW: “I was incredibly relaxed…” (1/18/13)

Yelp Rating: ★★★★★

I’ve had every type of massage from everyone from a spa trained masseuse (basically just lie there and nap for an hour while they trail their hands over your body) to hard core massage therapists (one actually gave me a nose bleed) and acupuncturists (my fear of needles somehow doesn’t extend to acupuncture).

I have to say this is the most amazing massage I’ve ever had!  The woman used a couple techniques I’d never had before and a few of my favorites.  I was incredibly relaxed even when she was doing the deep work.  She took the time before we started to find out why I was there, not just what was physically bothering me but any stress I was carrying.  I went in with lower back, neck, and shin pain as well as nervous/anxious energy about an upcoming event I didn’t feel prepared for.

I walked in a ball of nerves and pain and left floating.  I felt emotionally clearer and physically pain free.

I will definitely be back again.  Gonna make this a regular monthly treat.

-Sunday D. on Yelp

REVIEW: “This place is wonderful…” (09/09/12)

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REVIEW: “This place is wonderful…” (09/09/12)

Yelp Rating: ★★★★★

This place is wonderful. It is located in a very peaceful forest not too far from downtown Julian.  The actual room where the massage takes place is cozy, clean and has a very nice fire place that I am sure is very enjoyable during the colder months. My Massage Therapist /  Holistic Adviser, Becky, was simply perfect. She made me feel very welcome and comfortable and spent time to find out what areas were bothering me and what type of massage I liked. I like deep tissue and I was happy to discover that Becky is not only very strong and but also highly skilled.  My 90 minute massage pure heaven. The next time I visit Julian, I very much look forward to going back to Massage By the Fire.

-Paul L. on Yelp
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